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Business Statements


Our mission at West & Taylor is supporting local producers and artisans with authenticity, honesty and sincerity.


Food Establishment Certification updated yearly and last issued January 2023. 

Home-Based Bakery Certification updated yearly and last issued March 2023.

Food Handlers/Manager License valid for 3-5 years last issued January 2022


West & Taylor brings authenticity and pride to busy families and like-minded food lovers by providing community supported meals while supporting local producers and artisans alike.

Business Information

West & Taylor, LLC is owned and operated by Christina Williams.

State Certified Kitchen in use at 200 E. Main Street, Scottsville, KY 42164


The goal is to one day provide cooking classes as well as online demonstrations; these things require equipment.


If you are interested in supporting the vision and our mission, please consider donating to our business fund. All monies received go back into the community by way of learning opportunities and those who donate will be provided with a release of what their money has gone toward, be it equipment, marketing or labor.

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