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National Mental Health Day

I have a meeting this week with a brand consultant, so the idea of brand has been on my mind a bit more than usual. I normally just try to post recipes or content relating to food or things that make me happy. So when I was reminded about what the 'National Day' was for October 10th; I knew I had to step aside from food and introduce you all to the part of me that very few know about.

John Green quote, "There is hope, even when your brain tell you there isn't." on a cutting board placquard against a rustic wooden background.

Today is National Mental Health Day. Mental health is still unfortunately a taboo topic for some, myself included some days. But not today. Today you will get to know the me that I hide, the me that's behind a mask in the posts I make.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Talk to your family, to your doctor. Find a therapist, pick up a journal, a tape recorder, a paint brush or some butter and spices. Personally, I do each and every one of these. Cooking does usually calm me more than anything else, but on days (or weeks in my families case) when my kitchen is overwhelmed with boxes and shelves from a laundry room, bathroom or office remodel; I have to find another way to calm down. That's where my arts and crafts side take over.

What I create, usually doesn't matter; be it a sewn item or a painted object, any of it can usually distract my brain from the anxiety that is plaguing it.

These and other watercolor scans can be found at Redbubble.


Below, I will share some excerpts from a couple of web posts I've made in the past on this topic.

This is something I don't talk about a lot, but instead I mention it in causal conversation-that's not the same thing. I have an Anxiety and Panic Disorder. I have been in therapy for almost twelve years now. I have been on medication during that time, I have read books, changed my diet, meditated, found my best friend, had midnight text messages and phone calls with my mom and many many more techniques.
They all work. They all don't. It's about the person and the effort put toward them.
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Along with the initial attack it comes with a period of time afterward that can only be described as a hangover. Sometimes this lasts no time at all, sometimes it can last for hours. It comes with being quiet, wanting to sleep-but not being able to when you need to-, putting on a mask when out in public-when you get over the social anxiety component-, and much more.
It is literally "all in my head", yeah. That's where the brain resides. But it is not something I can just get over without the hard work, time, patience and support it takes to get through it.
This is just a reminder that you don't know what anyone is going through. I have had the best month and am so excited about so many things to come, yet this attack still hit me and knocked me down for the day. Tomorrow is a new one and I'll get through it all, but please remember this before you roll your eyes or allow your voice to have that "I'm tired of this" tone to it.
*These pictures are taken at different times and you can see that my ESA does his, un-ceritified, job when I'm at my worst.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with mental health issues, please reach out to someone. I have linked a couple of websites that have references, numbers and other contact information for anyone needing them.

Please don't be afraid to use them. You've got this.

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