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Blue Jello Galaxy Cake

Geek met cook for this one, y'all.

Yesterday, July 27th 2021 was the 24th Birthday of the first episode of Stargate SG1, AND today is the day the fandom and fans of a particular relationship celebrate that couple (it happened off camera guys). So for my Stargate and S/J fam; I give you the Blue Jello Galaxy Cake. My piping is not great but I am happy with it!

This is a modification on my Kentucky Butter-Cups Cake recipe. I have the modified version below if you all want to give this a shot. To be upfront, I cheated on the icing as I was running out of powdered sugar to make it from scratch as I prefer. So please know that if you use store bought icing it will be *sweet*. I can't eat much of this due to the level of sweetness in the icing.

ALSO, you'll notice in the background there is some blue jello! It is blue! I just put a drop of black food coloring in and added some star sprinkles to it-which at this angle you can't see-to make it more like outer space.

Blue Jello Galaxy Cake

2 cups sugar

4 eggs

2 sticks butter, softened

2 teaspoons Bourbon, can use more

----(If you don’t use alcohol, you can substitute vanilla extract or bourbon extract)

1 package French Vanilla Pudding

1 cup buttermilk

3 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1 package Blue Jello

1 cup Boiling Water

1/2 cup cold water

-In a large bowl cream sugar, eggs, butter, and buttermilk together with mixer.

-Add flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and vanilla or rum and mix.

-Pour batter into a well-sprayed bundt pan or pan of your choice.

-Bake in a preheated 325 degree oven for 55 to 60 minutes until done.

-Let cool in the pan at least 30 minutes before removing.

-Once cooled, poke holes in cake with handle of wooden spoon or skewers.

-Prepare blue jello mix with 1 cup boiling water and 1/2 cup cold water.

-Pour jello liquid over cakes.

-Chill in refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

---Note: You can slice cakes to make layers before or after the jello liquid is added. If after, please wait for at least 2 hours before slicing.

-Mix icings to color(s) of your preference.

-I used buttercream, plain, for the filling and the crumb coat.

-Using Super Black food coloring, I made a portion of the icing black. Then mixed up a blue, pink and a purple.

-Using a cake spatula, I dotted the cake and then spread. Continued this until I achieved the look I was after. *More pictures below.

-You'll also notice that I tossed some silver sanding sugar and silver star sprinkles on top and on the sides.

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