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Below are a few of the services I provide. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or requests.

Meal Prep

From meal preparation for your week ahead to chopping vegetables for your freezer stock.

Postpartum Meals

I've provided meals for families who have just added a new loved one to their family and don't want to spend time in the kitchen.

Elderly Meals

Have an elderly family member you'd like to provide meals for? Let me help you out! 


What clients are saying:

"My family received meals from West and Taylor for a solid four or five weeks. Christina listened to our food preferences and prepared very hearty and satisfying dishes. Delivery was prompt, and her charge was more than reasonable. I highly recommend West and Taylor to anyone looking for good food at a great price. I know we will use the service again."

Kelly Burch

First Memories

I started cooking as a child, helping here and there with making gravy, holding the mixer while whipping potatoes or making brownies, learning to make fudge for my dentist and making my dad Crunchy Scrambled Eggs (my first creation as a cook; Scrambled Eggs with Corn Flake Cereal in it).

Looking back, one of my first memories isn’t any of that-but of running around my aunt’s home and being handed a white binder with a name I didn’t recognize, and couldn’t read at the time, upon it. My momma told me it said, “Mary Marie’s Recipes”; this was a compilation of the recipes her mother made her growing up. This is probably where it all started for me. The white binder is covered in splashes of sauce and stains and filled with recipe clippings and print outs, from it’s use in my kitchen over the years; I still use her recipes for guidance and inspiration every time I’m in the kitchen. I have since inherited my other grandmother’s recipes as well and am working on a similar compilation of her recipes and I hope that one day it will be ready to inspire the next generation of her family.








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