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The Amazon Prime Access Deal Post I'm Obligated to Make

*Okay, I'm not actually obligated but these containers are just that good.

I'll make this quick.

I know you all have gotten every post and link talking about Amazon deals, so I hate to add to that but these products are used in my kitchen so often I feel like I need to tell you about them and the deals surrounding them. Also, just to make it clear, these links are affiliate links, and a small commission may be made from them.

Many of you, with children, may already know about the Bentgo lunch boxes, if not click the link and get the 40% off Prime Early Access Deal on them for your kids (or for you, I don't judge). There are plenty of color combinations available!

However, if you'd prefer a more adult version, (these are not on sale) you can get these cute meal prep containers and put any leftovers or do as I do and prepare your lunches one day and box them up for the week! You can even get them in other sizes and compartment options. These are two compartments, but they come in snack sizes, single, and three compartments!


Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Cooking takes patience,

I don't always have it.


Cooking takes instinct,

I like to believe I do have that.


Cooking takes practice,

I probably don't do that as much as I should.


Cooking takes a passion for the art. 

That? That I have in spades.

Let the posts come to you.